rollApp lets you run desktop apps, work with files, get things done — right from the browser on any device.

rollApp Announces Integration with

rollApp has made it even more convenient to use existing software in the Cloud. The company announced today that it is now compatible with, a leading provider of online file sharing service.

rollApp allows its users access to all of their favorite software via Internet browser, eliminating the hassle of downloads and installations. After working with a document, users are able to store their most important information in the cloud, making it accessible from any device. Now, users can employ their account to save the files they create with rollApp. provides 5GB of free storage space to private users and enables businesses to share their documents safely and affordably. The business-directed service provides a collaborative workspace with necessary features such as role based access, version history and desktop sync.

Using through rollApp is easy. A user can access a cloud storage account via personal profile on rollApp ( ) and click “Connect New”. The user is prompted to sign in to a account, and the connection is made instantaneously. rollApp does not retain any personal information, such as passwords, saved with, while still keeping the connection secure. Now the user is able to share any information created or modified with software accessed through rollApp. It’s that simple.