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Two new cloud storage options added - OneDrive, Yandex.Disk

“There is always something more to add” thought we at rollApp and added two new cloud storage options to our apps. Now our users can connect both OneDrive and Yandex Disk storages to their accounts.

As well in this post we will revise onсe again how to connect to the cloud storage as it seems to be a burning question.

The main thing you need to know - there are 2 options to connect your cloud storage. It’s up to you to choose. 

It can be done:
  • From your rollApp account;
  • Directly from the app you are using.

Connect from the account:

1. Login to your account with any suitable option (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon)

2. Choose “cloud storage” tab from the menu.

3. Click the “connect new” button on the cloud storage page.

4. Choose your cloud storage from the drop-down menu. 

5. You can rename your cloud storage if needed. 

6. Click “connect” button next to cloud storage. We will ask you to login to your cloud once again. 
After logging in procedure all storages will ask for permission to access your data, this is security requirement. By accepting it you let rollApp connect to your existing and new files which you wish to open/edit/save with rollApp. 

7. Voila! Your cloud storage is connected,  so now you can work with files and share them easily.

Connect from the app:

1. Click on the “folder” icon on the toolbar in the app.

2. If you are using an app on desktop you will be redirected to rollApp website cloud storage page. How to connect a storage on the page is described above.

If you are doing it from a mobile device you will see a window with storage variants.

3. Choose the cloud storage you want to connect. Storage will ask you to login.

4. Confirm an rollApp access to your storage.

5. Now you can open, save and share files from your cloud storage. 


When you open an app on rollApp for the first time and then try to save or open a document, rollApp pops-up with a message saying No storage connected:

Click on “your profile” will redirect you to the cloud storage page, where the connection procedure is the same and described in the first part.

On the mobile device you can connect cloud storage straight way from the modal window.

Here is one more guide we have made in our previous post.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask them below or via any other suitable ways: Twitter, Facebook, support email.