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rollApp Integrates With 4shared

You know that rollApp’s mission is to give you access to a myriad of applications on the go. You can create, access, modify and save any of your files on the fly - all you need is a browser, no software downloads required.

Today, rollApp integrated with 4shared, one of the most popular internet resources offering free online storage where users can upload, store, access and share music, video, photos and any other files. According to Alexa, one of the leading web information providers, 4shared is ranked #88 in the world, with over 144,470 links in, over 132 million unique global users each month, over 11 million daily visits, and 317TB daily file transfers.

4shared service allows users to store up to 10GB for 6 months for free, or choose from a number of generous, flexible and cost-effective storage options.

So far rollApp users were able to work with there files, stored at DropBox or Google.Docs. Now rollApp users will also be able to create and easily save their files on 4shared!

So what are you waiting for? Start creating, storing and sharing! sign up for your rollApp account!

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