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rollApp File Opener

Ever since we started working on running applications in a browser we were thinking how we can use the technology we build to enrich the experience of interacting with the World Wide Web and enable users to easily do something that was clumsy and awkward before. And one such thing is dealing with files you encounter on the Web.

Usually, when you find a file that may be of interest, you have to download it, go to your downloads folder, try to open the file with one of the installed applications (if you are lucky to have one!). In an unfortunate case, when you do not have an application to handle the type of file you downloaded, you need to figure out, what application can open this file, download and install it, and only then would you be able to open the file and see if that is what you need. That’s tedious and time consuming!

To help that we developed rollApp File Opener - an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox which lets you open [almost] any file you come across, when browsing the Internet, with just one click. When there is a link to a file on a web page, our extension will popup a little toolbar over that link. Now, when you click the link itself or the Open button in the toolbar, we will find an application for exactly this type of file, download the file to our server and launch the application to open it. Of course, if you still wish to download the file, click the Download button and the file will end up right there in the downloads folder on your computer.

No need to download files, no need to look for necessary applications - we’ll do all of that for you. What’s even better - you can edit files right away and save your changes right to your Dropbox, Google Docs, Box or 4shared! We already handle more than 100 different file types and as we grow our collection of apps there will be even more of them.

Get rollApp File Opener now and let us know what you think!