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OpenOffice on Chromebook

Cloud services are on the rise and so are devices that let you take most out of those services. In that cohort devices based on Chrome OS are special - they are pure cloud clients. In recent months we’ve seen over twofold increase of the number of users who visit from Chromebooks. With Samsung’s Chromebook being #1 best selling laptop on Amazon and major computer manufacturers reportedly joining the club we expect this trend to become even stronger.

To support Chromebook users we made OpenOffice applications available as web apps in Chrome Web Store as a part of our Productivity Suite for Chrome. You can install them right into your browser and they will be only one click away, when you need to add a pivot table to your quarter sales report or add animation effects to your presentation.

It also works with Chrome on you PC or Mac:

Now we have four Apache OpenOffice apps: Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw, and vector drawing program Inkscape available in the Chrome Web Store. Check back soon to try new apps we will be adding!

Several months ago we made Open Office on iPad available and it was very enthusiastically accepted: during the last 5 months our traffic increased 25 fold. We hope that offering Apache Open Office and other applications for Chrome and Chrome OS will greatly benefit our users.

Application experience depends on the capabilities of the device you are using, your location and latency of the connection between you and rollApp cloud servers.

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