rollApp lets you run desktop apps, work with files, get things done — right from the browser on any device.

Getting Started with rollApp’s Browser-based Apps

As you get started with our apps, plugins and cloud storages, we wanted to answer some questions you might have about our cloud-based app platform. Check out the FAQ and feel free to ask any questions we didn’t address at or in the comments below.

You can get started with rollApp anywhere using a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Step 1. Sign-up - create a rollApp account by signing-in with your favorite service.

You can create your rollApp account at any time by visiting Simply sign up with your existing Google, Twitter, Facebook or any other Open ID accounts.

Please note: you provide your login or password directly to the authentication provider. rollApp does not access or store your third-party login and password.

Step 2. Configure your browser - allow pop-ups in Chrome and Firefox

Here’s how to configure your browser to allow pop-ups from
3. Step 3 (optional) - save and share your files - connect your cloud storage provider.

Applications running in the cloud naturally do not have access to files on your local drives. When working with applications on rollApp, you can open, edit and save files to Dropbox, Google Drive (former Google Docs), Box and 4shared. In order to be able to save your files you have to have at least one cloud storage connected. Learn more:

And remember - you can always change cloud storage settings in your profile.

How do I launch an app?

Once you found an app from the app collection (, click the “launch online" button to start working with it.

How do I work with running apps?

If you are signed in to your rollApp account, you can see all the apps you are currently running in My Running Apps section on the left side of

The My Running Apps area helps you manage your experience with rollApp. We allow only 3 applications to be run at the same time.

What’s the best way to save my work?

There are two ways for closing a running application:
  1. Use the "File -> Exit" application menu for closing the application and close your cloud session. Use this option if you want to save your files to your cloud storage account.
  2. Close browser window. When you close main application window like this, you will be disconnected form the application. Please note: no work will be saved in this case.
Getting help
Visit our community support forum to ask questions, report some bugs or suggest cool new features: