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How to Create App Shortcuts and Use The Chrome App Launcher

If you’re using Google Chrome on Windows or Linux, you can create application shortcuts to rollApp applications that you’ve installed from the Chrome Web Store. These shortcuts can be placed on your desktop and menus for quick and easy access. 

Just right-click an app icon in the App section of Chrome (see the image above) - you’ll see a dialog window that lists available options: 

Just choose where you’d like the shortcuts to be placed on your computer and you’re all set!

App Launcher - start rollApp apps directly from your desktop

To make it even quicker to open to your apps, you can also use the Chrome App Launcher for Windows (Mac and Linux coming soon). It will live in your taskbar as a handy tool for all your Chrome apps on the desktop. 

When you add an app from the Chrome Web Store, you’ll get an option to get the App Launcher and it requires you to sign in to Chrome.

Launch rollApp apps right from the desktop: a single click opens up a tray of installed Chrome apps. 

Get stuff done with rollApps apps from the Chrome Web Store: 

  • rollApp File Opener – Open your files with Google Chrome. Anywhere. Anytime. 
  • LibreOffice Writer on rollApp – Full-featured word processing and publishing tool. 
  • LibreOffice Impress on rollApp – Create effective multimedia presentations in your browser.
  • LibreOffice Draw on rollApp  Create a sketch, diagrams or a complex plan and dynamic 3D illustrations.
  • LibreOffice Calc on rollApp – Free spreadsheet app in the cloud 
  • GIMP on rollApp – An alternative for Adobe Photoshop. Great for retouching and image authoring.  
  • Inkscape on rollApp – Photo and video editing app for vector graphics 
  • Archiver on rollApp – Powerful archive manager with support for ZIP and RAR.
We hope you enjoy rollApp productivity solutions from the Chrome Web Store. And please share your favorites apps in the comments.

PS Check out Chrome App Launcher Developer Preview for Mac OS X (Sept. 05, 2013, The Chromium Blog)