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Community Q&A: What’s the Difference Between a Free and Ad Free Account

Shortly after we introduced subscriptions to our cloud-based applications earlier this fall, some users told us they loved the idea of using cloud apps in the browser but needed more time to explore rollApp. They were not ready to pay right away – so how to unsubscribe, they ask. 

First of all, there’s ALWAYS a free version of our apps. Period. So “Do I have to pay for rollApp?” No. rollApp offers a no-cost, ad-based version for users who don’t require advanced usage.

Second, once you started using at least one of our apps, we give you a 14-day ad-free trial to the app(s) you need as well as to all the apps available in our App Collection – but it’s up to you to give them a try. 

Third, once your 14-day trial is over, you’ll see ads in your rollApp experience. If you don’t like seeing ads, you’ll be able to explicitly subscribe to the ad-free access to the apps you love as described on the Pricing page:

And lastly, you can always use applications on rollApp free of charge in “free with ads” mode, which will automatically be activated once your ad-free trial is over.

So, if you think that cloud applications delivered by rollApp are useful for you, we would encourage you to go ahead and try them during the trial period. There are no hidden charges or anything like that.

Should you decide that rollApp does not suit your needs, you can always delete your account by visiting and clicking “delete my account”. You can also remove the extension from your Chrome browser anytime by typing “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar. 

Hope that explains and thanks for using rollApp!