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Ebook Reader, Archive Manager and Raster Graphics Editor Arrive on rollApp

Great news! Today we’ve released 3 more apps to our cloud App Collection – all are intuitive, fast, and ready to help you get things done right from your web browser.  

FBReader is an easy to use ebook reader in the cloud. The app supports popular ebook formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, html, and plain text. Just launch the app and read the books from your cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. 

All the features you want from your ebook reader. 

File Roller allows you to view the content of your archives, extract files, create and modify archives. Again, all you need is a browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

It saves time by opening files faster in cloud storage.

KolourPaint is a powerful raster graphics editor that allows drawing diagrams, editing screenshots, photos, and icons. KolourPaint provides tools for image manipulation and editing, including Brush, Color Eraser, Pen, Polygon, Text, Color Picker, Connected Lines/Polyline, Rectangle, and Zoomed Thumbnail.

Making photo editing a breeze.

What apps do you want to come on rollApp? Let us know!

- The rollApp team