rollApp lets you run desktop apps, work with files, get things done — right from the browser on any device.

Feature Highlight: How to Recover a Lost App

An application launched in the rollApp’s cloud requires an Internet connection to be delivered right your computer, tablet or smartphone via a web browser. 

To save changes or edit files, first of all, you need to connect a cloud storage service: Dropbox, Google Drive, or 4Shared. And that’s really easy – go to and click Connect New. Then you usually do one of the following:

  • To save your work, use the File > Save command.
  • To safely close the application, use the File > Exit command. It will also ask you to save your work.
But how to save your work in the cloud if the Internet connection is lost? Or, for example, you’ve accidentally closed an app using the Close button (X), i.e. you close a document without saving changes. 

Or what to do if you need to restart your computer. Or if you experience a power interruption while you’re editing. 

Don’t worry, rollApp has a solution and it’s kind of neat. 

When, for some unexpected reasons, an apps is closed, rollApp will keep it running for you during about 10 minutes in your rollApp account. During that time you can re-open it from you computer or any supported device – just make sure you’re using the same rollApp account. 

Then you can find the lost app(s) in the My running apps area, it will also show you the timer (how much time remains for the app recovering), click the app icon to re-launch it: 

We hope with the above feature rollApp gives you more flexibility to keep your data and work safely in the cloud.