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Always Be Saving — Closing Cloud Apps and Lid on Chromebook

For those who use rollApp applications and work completely in the cloud, we always recommend saving their work often to avoid losing any data. 

Traditionally, rollApp users have the following options:

  • File > Save for saving their work
  • File > Exit for safely closing applications, and it also asks to save your work 
But what happens if you need to put your Chromebook to sleep by closing the lid? That’s interesting.

When your Chromebook is closed, rollApp keeps your apps running in your rollApp account during about 10 minutes. During that time you can re-launch the apps from you laptop or any other supported device – no worries, your work will be saved across devices – just make sure you’re using the same rollApp account.

But if you wake up your Chromebook after the 10-minute interval, the app(s) will be disconnected from a rollApp server and some data won’t be saved. 

You can find active apps in the My running apps area. It will also show you the timer (how much time remains for a given app to be recovered), just click the app icon to re-launch it. 

So, in any case, before closing the lid, always use the File > Save/As option.

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