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Getting Started with Office Apps on iPad: Saving and Opening Files in Cloud Storage

When you open an office app on your iPad on rollApp for the first time and then try to save or open a document, rollApp pops-up with a message saying No storage connected:

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting a cloud storage account – Dropbox, Google Drive or Box – to your rollApp account, so you can quickly save or open files you need.  

1. You usually start from selecting an app in the App Collection or on special pages like OpenOffice or LibreOffice for iPad. 

2. Once you’re on the app page – let’s use OpenOffice Writer for this article – click Launch Online:

3. You’ll be redirected to the login page – choose the social login you prefer: Google, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo. 

You provide login credentials directly to the social login provider of your choice. rollApp does not get access to your password.

4. The app is now loading to the browser: 

Shortly you’ll see OpenOffice Writer on your screen, and you’ll be able to work (save and open) with office documents and files. 

5. But as soon as you need to open or save a file with a help of the File menu, you’ll see the following message: 

That’s because saving and opening files requires a cloud storage service connected to your rollApp account. Well, you already have an rollApp account, remember the Step 3? We even sent you a welcome email. But what about online cloud storage? It’s not yet connected. Don’t panic, it’s easy! 

6. Let’s bring the app toolbar to the game and let’s use 3-finger tap for that: 

7.  Once you see the toolbar, click the folder icon:

8. In a new browser window you’ll be redirected to the Cloud Storage page – Click Connect New

9. In the appeared pop-up window, select a cloud storage service, say Dropbox, and click the ’connect’ link.  

10. If you’re not already logged to Dropbox in the same browser (Safari or Chrome), you’ll be prompted to sign-in to your Dropbox account to allow the connection with rollApp. Once done, you’ll see a confirmation window. Hang in there, we’re almost finished!

11. Now you can switch to the browser tab where OpenOffice Writer was initially opened. IMPORTANT: it takes some time for the app to “see” the newly connected cloud storage. Therefore, before using File > Save or Open, we recommend you to wait a bit (give it a minute or so).  

12. Double-tap the Dropbox folder on the saving or opening screen and you’re all set. 

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let us know. 

- The rollApp team