rollApp lets you run desktop apps, work with files, get things done — right from the browser on any device.

rollApp in the Press: Useful, Handy, Awesome

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress we’ve made with rollApp. And now we’re really excited to share with you some recent press and blog mentions related to the availability of the latest version of LibreOffice on iPad and Chromebooks thanks to rollApp. 

The Document Foundation Blog: The Document Foundation is happy to acknowledge that the most recent version of LibreOffice – the best free office suite ever – is available on the iPad and Chromebooks as a cloud application, thanks to rollApp online virtualization technology. 

Softpedia: Thanks to the rollApp online virtualization technology, LibreOffice is now available on iPads, combating Apple’s iWork suite and other (third-party) productivity tools which generally cost money to use.

FossForce: Goodbye Google Docs, hello LibreOffice. Here at FOSS Force we use Google Docs quite a bit, due to it’s portability (write once, edit anywhere). There’s just one thing we don’t like. Google Docs doesn’t support the free and open ODF standard. Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore, as rollApp is offering-up LibreOffice as a cloud based app that runs in a browser. The service is free if you don’t mind video ads, although the site is offering a 14 day ad free trial run.

DobreProgramy: Running in a browser application behaves almost the same as the original version, regardless of the user’s system. Short tests LibreOffice launched by rollApp argue that all works quite smoothly (like browser-based application), making this technology a good way to introduce classical desktop applications where they have not yet been. This is especially good news for Google, which cheap laptops running Chrome OS. There are also both simple games, like Mastermind, or Reversi and complex graphics packages - Inkscape and Darktable. 

Muktware: LibreOffice, one of the fieriest competitors of Microsoft Office, is now available on Google Chromebooks (or anything that runs the Chrome browser) and Apple’s iPad. The app is available via cloud so just like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365 users don’t have to install any app and it runs directly from the browser.

TabletZona: The advantages of LibreOffice is that it is very easy to use. We can create documents, edit and save in different storage cloud. That is, we can have them stored in Dropbox or even Google Drive. The best thing is that it is completely compatible with Microsoft Office suite and file formats. visit the rollApp website - there are other virtual tools that you might find useful. 

LinuX Freedom for Live: A viable alternative comes from rollApp project, a SaaS service that allows us to use / access many open source applications available directly from our browser. Thanks to the support for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, 4Shared and we can start saving our favorite files within the various services are cloud servers.

NoSoloUnix: Many times, you need an office suite or an image editor and the site where you find you do not have them, a very annoying situation and you can cause several setbacks, but we can say that a thing of the past thanks to rollApp. This is a site able to run different programs online open source without having the program installed on the device you use a web browser and a decent internet connection being only necessary to use the programs.

MuyLinux: rollApp provides a lot of well-known apps directly from the web browser: Inkscape, GIMP, Gedit, Evince and so on. You can use the app you want for free, with advertising. Or you can remove the advertising paying $0.99 per month per application or $ 6.99 for unlimited access.

Bubblews: Access to the connected LibreOffice on Apple’s touchscreen tablet version and the Chrome OS netbooks to Google, is possible thanks to the technology developed by the California startup rollApp. Via the rollApp cloud users can connect to the LibreOffice application of their choice (eg, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing) from their web browser without having to install the application on their device. 

We’re really honored to receive such high praise from all over the world. Thank you and stay tuned for even more great things in 2014!