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KMines and KDiamond – Play Your Favorite Puzzle Games in the Cloud

Studies have shown that puzzle-solving and any other kind of mental aerobics is a very important ingredient for a healthy and happy life. According to The Memory Bible by Gary Small: “anything we do to train our brains in a new way may help to develop new nerve pathways.” Here’s an excerpt from the book we found at 

“The information in our brains is passed through billions of dendrites or extensions of brain cells, similar to branches of a tree, which grow smaller as they extend outward. Without use, our dendrites can shrink or atrophy; but when we exercise them in new and creative ways, their connections remain active as they pass new information along. And, remarkably, new dendrites can be created even after old ones die. Evidence shows we can "workout” our dendrites and extend their branches in many ways. 
The fun of solving puzzles and brain-teasers often comes from pushing ourselves to make a mental leap from existing assumptions to find a new solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem. To do so, we need to break loose and explore the problem, puzzle, or brainteaser in a new way.“ 
So we decided that adding a few more puzzle apps on rollApp would, first, enhance our app collection and, second, make your life happier. Without further ado, meet the duo: 

KMines is a puzzle game where you locate need to locate all the mines hidden on the minefield. 

Rules of the game: 
  • All the mines have to be cleared before a player can win a game. 
  • The player cannot know the exact location of the mines before the game is over. 
  • If a mine is detonated, the game is over. 
  • Numbers will indicate nearby mines.
Strategies and tips: 
  • Use the numbers to find out where nearby mines are. 
  • Place flags where you suspect there are mines. Note that even though the indicated number of mines goes down when you place a flag, there might not be a mine under the flag.
  • Think before you click, a wrong click could detonate a mine. 
  • When you suspect that a square contains a mine, work around the square to uncover any numbers which might help. 
  • Try to clear the board as quickly as possible, the less time you spend, the higher your score will be.
KDiamond is a single player puzzle game. The object of the game is to build lines of three similar diamonds. 

Rules of the game: 
  • When a line was removed and the diamonds fall down to fill gaps, it may be that then new lines are composed. Try to achieve such cascades when selecting a diamond pair as you will earn extra points: You get 1 point for the line you build, 2 points for the first cascade, 3 points for a possible next cascade, and so on. 
  • Try to build lines with more than 3 diamonds: You will earn an extra second for each two extra diamonds removed. 
  • The number of diamond types increases when choosing Hard difficulty levels, thus making it harder to build lines. In contrast, the board size will grow on the Easy difficulty levels to make it easier to find a move. 
  • The game will stop once there are no possible moves left. Especially on Hard difficulty levels, you should keep this in mind when choosing your next move.
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