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Exciting new for programmers! In the past couple of weeks, we’ve catapulted two more popular text editors to rollApp’s cloud. Now, beyond ReText and jEdit, you can add Bluefish and JuffEd to your arsenal of development tools. 

Both new text editors can be integrated with cloud storage providers of you choice – Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. To open, edit and save files, you’ll need a rollApp account. Browser requirements are the same for all apps: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. 

Let’s take a closer look at the text editing apps: 

Bluefish – a text editor targeted towards programmers and web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages and offers multi-threaded support for remote files using gvfs, supporting FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, CIFS and more. Bluefish also comes with powerful search and replace capabilities, with support for Perl Compatible regular expressions, and sub-pattern replacing. Watch this short video review: 

JuffEd – a powerful text editor for programmers and advanced users with syntax highlighting for more than 20 popular languages: (Batch, Bash, C/C++, C#, CSS, D, diff, IDL, Java, JavaScript, Lua, HTML, Makefiles, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, XML). Behind its simplicity JuffEd covers lots of functions: auto-indents in accordance with file type, code blocks folding, powerful search and replacing text using regular expressions, matching braces highlighting with instant jumps between them. 

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