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Introducing Kile, a LaTeX Environment in the Cloud

We continue adding new apps created by developers for developers. Meet Kile, an integrated LaTeX environment, that brings all the capabilities of LaTeX in a graphical interface, giving you easy, immediate, and customized access to all programs for LaTeX code-completion, compiling, debugging, conversion and viewing tools; you also get very handy wizards, a LaTeX reference and a powerful project management.

Kile on rollApp can be easily used right in your browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and is integrated with cloud space of your choice: Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. 

Kile is similar to other apps that deal with source code and editing, and will automatically highlight commands, options and items that are used. Kile makes it easy to spot problematic areas and provides one-click document compilation/display and auto-completion of LaTeX commands.

What is LaTeX, anyway? 

LaTeX is a text-processing system derived from TEX, a program developed originally in 1977 by Donald Knuth to help layout text in a professional way and obtain a layout quality that is on par with the work of a professional typesetter. LaTeX was created by Leslie Lamport to give authors an automatic typesetter, especially to ease the expensive and painstaking process of typesetting of mathematical formulas and expressions, which are enclosed within dollar signs in LaTeX for a reason. Today, word-processing programs let any user act as typesetter, but what is often needed is a document that simply looks good without having to spend hours to bring it into shape. LaTeX takes that burden on its shoulders, and lets you concentrate on the document instead of on the layout. And yes, it will look good! (source: The Kile Handbook)

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