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New on rollApp: Customize Toolbars and Menu Items in Your Favorite Apps

Until today, as a rollApp user, you were unable to save toolbar customizations, menus and user settings. For example, if you opened an OpenOffice app and added the Exit icon to the toolbar, it wouldn’t appear the next time you launch the app.

But we all know and appreciate the excitement of working with user interface that’s so flexible that we can be more productive, don’t we?

From now on, it’s super easy to customize menus and toolbars in any app available in our cloud collection, from LibreOffice or Calligra to MyPaint and Darktable.

Once saved, all your customizations will be preserved when you open an app next time. Moreover, the saved settings will be accessible on any rollApp compatible device as they are stored in your rollApp profile. Say, on your Chromebook you can customize menus, status bar, toolbars (or even add new menus and toolbars) in LibreOffice Calc, and then run the app on iPad and enjoy the things that matter to you.

Now, every time you use rollApp, make it personal and more enjoyable! Let us know how it works for you!

- The rollApp team