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Introducing rollApp Toolbar – Get Shortcuts to Important Features

We at rollApp have received numerous requests from our community about creating SOMETHING that would allow accessing the most used rollApp’s functions right in the application window. Now we’re really excited to share what’s sure to be the next popular time-saver while using rollApp on your computer, laptop or iPad: rollApp Toolbar.

The rollApp Toolbar appears near to the application menu once your app is launched:

Enabling the toolbar is super easy

Click the toolbar icon – it stays visible as long as you use it:

The following features are available from the toolbar:
  • Drag to Reposition: for your convenience, move the toolbar to any part of the application widow – next time you open the app, it’ll stay there.
  • Clipboard Manager: use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste content from and into the app.
  • Setup Cloud Storage: go to your rollApp profile and connect Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box accounts. Once connected, you’ll be able to open, save and edit files using any app available in the App Collection.
  • Profile Settings: configure your rollApp account settings.
  • Go Ad-Free: don’t like seeing ads? Subscribe to an individual app or buy monthly subscription to 80+ cloud apps just for $6.99/mo.
If on iPad, triple-tap to enable the toolbar:

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

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