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Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week: Chromebooks, Tizen, Zocalo, GIMP

Collaborations and competitions are turbulating technology air constantly. Chromebook seems to be a leader of our news thread this week . So here we go to the details.

Critics on restricted functionality didn’t stop the demand on Chromebooks especially in educational sector. Read how Dell is going to deal with the demand on the Chromebook 11.

Worries about Chromebooks high demand bother not only Dell vendor. Microsoft is coming on the arena in gladiator fight for a cheap laptops segment.

New cloud market surprise is presented by AWS. Their new cloud enterprise-class storage Zocalo is forecasted to be a strong competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive. Time will show.

Last week Samsung’s delay with a Tizen-based phone delivery popped out each article title. However this week we are recollecting the well-organised Tizen Developer Summit in Moscow in the roundup from TizenExperts.

The last but not the list. Useful tips are always welcomed. Do you know what is the best way to edit images in your web browser? We do, it’s a GIMP app available via rollApp. See for yourself.

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