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Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week: AWS, DropBox, Google Drive, Tizen, Chromebooks

Hey, did you miss rollApp? Here we are! And we’ve got something special for you. 5 most interesting tech stories of this week. Let’s see what it is:

In this digest we’ve decided to devote 3 points to cloud storages and it’s worth it. 

Most of us like shopping, but some are lazy to do it. Gigaom’s author Brad Darrow advises Amazon how to fill its M&A cart for better and competitive market enter. 

Good news comes from Dropbox. From now Android users have doc previews and improved search option. Want to check? Visit The Dropbox blog.

For Google Drive fans there is some good news as well. Google Drive team invites to became a Top Contributor to help millions of users to get their questions answered. Join Google Drive's Top Contributor Program.

And again about intriguing Tizen. Samsung changes the focus. From now it will be more attention to budget Tizen phones.

Check out new Chromebooks hands-on: a 13-hour battery life Acer Chromebook 13 and Lenovo’s dual-mode Chromebook.


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