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Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week: GIMP, LibreOffice, The Firefox Marketplace, Dropbox, Zocalo

Let this week digest be dedicated. Below you’ll find how do both free and paid solutions fight for customers. Check out what they invent to grab your attention.     

Two open source applications made great news reports to their communities this week. Both LibreOffice and GIMP apps released new versions of their products.

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, which let’s you edit and manipulate images in variety of formats. They made a totally bugfix release, no new features were added. However, it seems that opensource product users will appreciate great work on making app usage more handy.

In anticipation of big LibreOffice Conference in Bern with a large number of development, community, marketing sessions, the Document Foundation announced fresh release of LibreOffice 3.4.1 with 115 bugfixes (as their wiki says) and some new features as well. An in-progress list of features is available here.

Continuing with opensource solutions. Free and open source web browser Mozilla Firefox is working on interesting approach to The Firefox Marketplace consumers. The company’s editorial and campaign manager believes that the best value apps might be better promoted not by apps developers, but users, who have already worked with them. Thus Mozilla Firefox implements the audience curation on the app: geographic location, interests, top users choice based advises etc.

While opensource software is expanding its userbase by improving product quality, giants of IT market work more with its price component.

For instance Dropbox has announced this Wednesday that the available storage space will be increased to 1TB for 10$/month. Of course, that’s not the only bonus Dropbox is going to boost base of paying consumers with. Check out what new features set will make you (probably) pay for this service.

While cloud players competition is becoming tough from day to day AWS makes its Zocalo enterprise cloud storage service public to everyone. With a 30-day free trial you could try all benefits of Zocalo and decide on your own if Amazon really beats other cloud solution like Box and Google Drive. 

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