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Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week: rollApp, Chromebox, Amazon Fire Phone, LibreOffice, Box

Is summer considered to be a business dead season? Perhaps, though news stream says opposite. Here are 5 items that you might be interested in this week.

It may sound a bit selfish, but I’ll put to the top the great news which makes the whole rollApp team happy. We have launched a mobile version of our site . Now access 70+ apps from your mobile device! Would be glad if you share your comments and ideas with us.

So now we can move forward to other companies…

Acer treads the path to the Chromebox world. Announced this Thursday Acer PC with Chrome OS is called to drive sales to constantly falling PC shipments. The First Chrome PC From Acer will go on sale later next month in the US at a starting price of $180 - OmgChrome claims.

Apple’s “one carrier” strategy seems not working for Amazon’s Fire Phone. Web traffic data of Chitika’s ad network shows that Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t making huge waves in the smartphone market - Gigaom post.

LibreOffice widens not only open source cities geography, but as well its software range. Developers team announced, that PageMaker support is on its way.

Cloud players competition makes market companies to stay fit. Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie is sure that “Box’s ability to work across operating systems, devices and applications, makes it more able to meet user requirements”. Learn more on Levie’s concerns and predictions in Gigaom The Structure Show

Seems now you know enough to go satisfied on weekends.

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