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Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week: Chromebooks, OneDrive, rollApp, Fire phone, Gimp

Since the positive way of thinking is more healthy, we collected positive news for users  from tech industry. Some companies are cutting their prices, some are improving their product, others are extending features. Get your portion of positive tech news below. 

Seems we haven’t cover Chromebook news for couple weeks, so now it’s time to fix it. The HP and Asus Chromebooks are catching the wave. HP Chromebooks will come with new Nvidia’s Tegra K1processor, superior graphics performance and several new colors. The price of Asus Chromebook was intriguing dropping buck by buck, however only now the eventual discount moment is revealed - The C200MA goes for $199.99 on Amazon and Newegg

OneDrive cloud storage also brings some good news to users. With extanded cloud space, enchanced syncing and sharing facilities OneDrive offers even more welcoming improvements. Wanna know what exactly? Check The Verge overview. And yes, soon rollApp will support OneDrive, so follow our updates. 


We at rollApp are also thinking about our customers and are constantly implementing new useful and frienly changes to the apps’ work. Our recent Amazon Appstore support brings new version of all apps with increased fonts in application controls and couple of other enchanments. Besides don’t forget that from now rollApp applications can be downloaded straight away from Amazon Appstore on Kindle Fire and other Android devices. So please rate our 15+ desktop apps for mobile devices if you like them.

Amazon announced that the price of Fire phone will decrease to $0.99 with an AT&T contract. Despite that these price changes were caused by not quite pleasant circumstances for Amazon, users still may be happy, because it’s a nice chance to try if Fire phone is worth using. 

Gimp is an opensource software, thus community is caring about the product and are helping each other to learn more on how to simplify the work with the application. Check out a passage on how to automate image editing with Gimp.

Now you have enough of positive news to think over on weekend. Hope next week won’t be less interesting.

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