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Top Tech News of the Week: Google Inbox, Samsung Chromebook and Microsoft Cloud Event

Welcome to our traditional Friday digest where we look at the most interesting news of the Tech world. This week was not so rich for news, as a previous one, but there were some news we are excited about.

Google Inbox

The news to start with is Inbox — Google’s email app for Android, iOS, and the web. The new app is all about focus on what really matters. Inbox has bundles feature that groups emails for convenient, quick reading and managing; and highlights that shows important information at a glance. In general, inbox makes impression not of an ordinary email client, it looks like Google made a try of transformation email client into organizer like app. Also it has reminders, assists, and snooze features that makes Inbox pretty cool app for people who work with email following Zero inbox approach.

Assists. Image from official Google blog.

The bad news with Inbox is that it’s available only by invitation. To request an invite, send email to

Samsung Chromebook 2

The new Chromebook from Samsung has a new, metal design. Better, Intel processor. And it’s priced $50 lower than previous generation — $250. But it has a significant disadvantage, the ‘new’ Chromebook has 2 GB RAM, while the 'old’ one has 4 GB. It’s quite compromising configuration and price, but maybe new Intel processor has capabilities to perform with 2 GB of RAM as well as Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chip do.

Microsoft Cloud Event

The last news we’d like to discuss is Microsoft Cloud Event, which was held on October, 20. Microsoft, Amazon and Google are top companies to be a winner in the cloud space. Microsoft has taken its turn. So, it was introduced the new memory-intensive “G-series” instances for Microsoft’s Azure public cloud, which has more the amount of memory than Amazon Web Services virtual machines and Google Compute machines.

“cloud platform system” in partnership with Dell is a big deal from a competitive perspective for Microsoft, because Google and Amazon don’t yet offer cloud-friendly hardware. What will their response look like? We will monitor the race in this area, new press events and announcements.

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