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Top Tech News of the Week: Microsoft, Google, Apple and Firefox

This week was full of news from IT world. Tuesday surprised us with $65 Windows tablets. On Wednesday Google introduced Nexus 5, 6 and 9Nexus Player, and Android 5.0 Lollipop. And on Thursday Apple announced product line update: iOS 8.1 and Yosemite, new iPads and new Macs
In our weeks digest we’ll focus on other interesting news that you’ve might missed.

Firefox Hello

This week Mozilla has released Firefox 33 with various improvements and new some features. Another exciting update is Firefox Hello WebRTC feature for Firefox beta. The feature makes it easier to communicate with your friends or family because it doesn’t require additional software or hardware. Starting a video or audio conversation is as easy as sharing a link with someone. Also it was added an integration with Google contacts for more convenient getting started with Firefox Hello. Hope to this cool feature in stable version very soon!
Looks almost like Skype, isn’t it?

Microsoft and cloud security

Good news from Microsoft researches, they figured out a way to keep data secure in the cloud without sacrificing performance — using a new type of virtual machine and Intel chip security calls. Microsoft calls it Haven, it relies on Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) — a set of CPU instructions for setting aside private areas in memory and Microsoft’s Drawbridge — an experimental virtual container that can offer secure sandboxing of applications.
This news sounds especially good in the context of recent news about personal data leaks of Gmail, iCloud and Dropbox users. Almost all of these massive data leaks were caused not by service provider’s system vulnerability but because users use other third-party software that steals their credentials. But these news significantly reduces trust to cloud services.
We hope that Microsoft researches’ and others efforts in increasing cloud platform security will have positive impact on people’s trust to cloud providers.

Google Translate Extension

Google has published new version of Google Translate extension that makes surfing web sites with content in language that you don’t know much easier. Now to translate some piece of text you should simply highlight it and then click the Translate icon that appears. Also you can right click the text and choose “Google Translate”.
Extension is available for Chrome but if you use Opera, you can install it too. Read how in our step-by-step guide.

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