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Top Tech Stories of the Week: Chromebooks, Adobe, rollApp, GIMP, Windows 10

Welcome to our traditional Friday digest of last week’s interesting news and events.

The 7 best Chromebooks of 2014Chromebooks are still a hot new thing and if you are looking for new computer, be sure to take a look at the 7 best Chromebooks of 2014.

A surprising news that came last week was that Adobe brings Photoshop to Chrome OS. This is a beta version of technology and it will be available exclusively to select North America based Adobe education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership. If you cannot get your hand on the Photoshop for Chromebook just yet, you can get GIMP powered by rollApp from the Chrome Web Store right now. It works for everybody without any limitations not only on Chromebooks but on any Chrome equipped devices!

GIMP is powerful graphics editor with vast retouching and image editing capabilities. More about GIMP.

Another big news of the week is the announce of Windows 10. Microsoft promises to ship Windows 10 to consumers and enterprise later in the year of 2015, but you can try out a technical preview that’s already available. We will keep an eye on the development of this topic.

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