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Top Tech Stories of the Week: rollApp, Microsoft, Amazon

Let’s find out together what’s happened in IT world this week with our traditional Friday digest.

With the new release this week we made it easier to access rollApp applications on certain platforms. If you happen to use a Chromebook (or Chrome on another platform) or the Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, you can launch apps not only from, but also install them on your device. Here is how it works. By the way, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablets are already available, check them out!

Chromebooks become more and more available. There is a new subscription service that allows customers to get access to Google’s advanced Chrome OS management features and support for $50 per year and device. The service comes with some additional features like single sign-on, support for provisioning with client certificates and centralized bookmarks management. This new subscription plan is going to be available to Chrome for Work customers. 

The competition in the low-cost laptop market is heating up. Acer now offers a touchscreen Chromebook in the U.K. And, in case you missed it last week, Microsoft is really moving into Chromebook territory with low-cost Windows laptop. Some even call it the “Chromebook killer”. It has been announced that they run Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Bing and price starts at $199. Would be interesting to see how popular these laptop will turn out to be.

If you need to share downloaded content with your family there is now a way to do that more easily. Apple and Amazon have introduced programs that let families share content. Apple’s Family Sharing is a feature of recently unveiled iOS 8. Amazon’s solution works with any device that can run the Kindle app or Amazon Instant Video (including Fire Phone and Fire TV). It won’t launch until the end of October, so it remains to be seen how it compares to the Apple’s offering.

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