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LibreOffice and OpenOffice now with more languages and fonts

Traditionally, office applications are among the most popular on rollApp. We now have users, who use LibreOffice or OpenOffice to create and edit their documents, from nearly every country in the world. There has been a number of requests to make localized versions of the office apps available on rollApp. We are happy to report that with a recent update, in addition to English, Spanish and Russian, you can now can have office apps talking to you in Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish!

Here is how you change the user interface language in LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Go to menu Tools > Options  > Language (in Language settings section) and select the desired language for the UI and documents from the respective dropdowns:

You would then need to restart the application for the new language settings to take effect. By the way, the correct way to close an application is through File > Exit menu. This will ensure that if you have any unsaved changes, you’ll have a chance to save your files.

Another popular request was asking for additional fonts for our cloud applications. Good news! We’ve added 27 new serif, sans serif and handwritten fonts. These fonts are now available in LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Inkscape and will eventually become available in all the other apps in our collection

How many phrases, which contain all the letters of the English alphabet, do you know?
Check out the file we used to test the new fonts:

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