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Top Tech Stories of this Week: Nexus 9, Brackets, Google Drive, Mozilla, Remote IE

Welcome to our digest. Let’s look together at the events and news of this week.

One of the most awaited news of this week is release of first devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Unfortunately, Nexus 9 is the only device available to try new Material design live. The device, naturally, prompted a lot of reviews of the new Nexus and surprisingly or not the opinions are very mixed. You can get all you need to know from detailed reviews from TechCrunchThe Verge or Mashable. Also, we highly recommend review of the reviews by one of reddit users ;-)

Adobe Brackets – open-source editor for web developers – hits 1.0 release. The team has added awesome stuff in this release: multiple cursors, split view, theme support, and many more fixes and enhancements. There is already a vibrant community around Brackets, which built and continues to build useful extensions and themes to boost your productivity with the editor. One of the cool features, which sets Brackets apart from the rest of text editor crowd, is side-by-side live preview of changes in you make in the code.

Google released Application Launcher for Drive that allows to open files from your Google Drive using applications installed on your computer. After installing the extension when you right-click on a file, select “Open with” option to see a list of compatible applications to open the file.

Mozilla and GSMA team up to help developing localized, cultural context-aware, non-English content for the Web. With more low-price smartphones, such as the handsets powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS, this would make Web more reachable for the next 4 billion people, who currently do not have access to the Internet. Initial field tests in Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil and India are currently underway.

As you know, rollApp is all about working with different applications on different devices and we have been pushing this idea for quite a time already. It is always great to see others embrace this idea as well. The other day Microsoft Announced RemoteIE, which allows to run Internet Explorer on Android, iOS and Mac OS X. That’s good news for developers because they can now quickly spin up the latest Internet Explorer builds for testing regardless of their operating system or development environment. You can try the service right now here.

Also, this week winners of the The Tabby Awards /Business were announced. Check out some of the best business applications for tablets in this rating.

Enjoy your reading. Have a nice week-end and keep in touch!

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