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Xournal - simple graphic tool for notetaking

Today rollApp allows to work with many desktop applications on devices like tablets and smartphones and developers of those applications wouldn’t even this that this ever will be a possibility. However, there are desktop applications, which fell very natural on touch screen devices, so that you sometimes would not even believe that they originated in the desktop world. One of such apps is Xournal – note-taking app with a unique blend of tools for creativity and organization.

Xournal is an easy to use application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus (or a finger). Xournal aims to provide superior graphics quality (via subpixel rendering) and strike a balance between power and usability.

Organize your day without constraints

Ever tried to draw a round circle with a pen, let alone stylus? Xournal’s “Shape Recognizer” gets you covered. When enabled, the app will automatically recognize circles and rectangles you draw and replace them with nicely-looking, sharp shapes. This feature comes in handy, when you need to create a more formal professionally-looking illustrations.

Also, with the Text tool you can quickly type notes with the keyboard and easily change the font, size and color of the text. It’s very useful when you need to create a longer note. Then if you need to add a punch to an important part of the text, you can highlight it with the “Highlighter” pretty much like you would use a highlight marker on a printed page.

Easily express your ideas while on the move

Another great feature of Xournal is PDF annotation. When you load a PDF file to Xournal, you can then use all of the application’s tools to draw and write on top the pages of the file.

Xournal also supports exporting to PDF, so you can easily share your notes with friends and be sure that they will be able to view them.

Check out Xournal manual for in-depth description of functions and features of the application.

The app is always with you on the move or at home: on your PC, tablet and even phone. Plus, you get access to your files from your cloud storage: Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive.

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