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This week in the news: Chromebooks vs. iPads, Best Android Apps, Mozilla

Last week was fairly slow and this week there were more interesting events.

Financial Times reports that Google Chromebooks became more popular in US schools than iPads. The difference is not big: 715,500 Chromebooks versus 702,000 iPads in Q3 2014 – but the fact remains. Attractive price and ever-increasing functionality make Chromebooks a good choice for classroom. With rollApp many of the useful applications for education are now available in the cloud for Chromebook users.

Google started promotion of the best Android apps of 2014 in Google Play. Selecting from in a million of applications is no easy task and no wonder that community does not quite agree with Google’s pick. There is community-crafted list of best apps for Android on Reddit. As always, but in this case in particular, it’s better to check yourself.

Google announced a new feature in Gmail – ability to edit Microsoft Office documents attachments with Google Docs. It will also be possible to edit Office files without converting them to Google Docs with a Chrome extension. If you need to do some advanced editing of your office documents you can always use OpenOffice or LibreOffice on rollApp.

Lukas Blakk, Mozilla release manager, in posted in his twitter, “We need to be where our users are so we’re going to get Firefox on iOS”. It’s unclear how Mozilla plans to bring its Firefox browser to iOS, because Apple doesn’t allow  third-party browser engines to be used in iOS applications. Even Google Chrome for iOS uses Apple’s engine for rendering the web pages. We’ll see if and how Mozilla will be able to get its browser onto Apple’s mobile platform.

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