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Weekly News Digest: Drive files in Gmail, Sway updates, Chromebooks review

Google introduces more ways to share Drive files via Gmail. Now you can share Google Drive files through Gmail as attachments instead of links. “By selecting the “Insert as Attachment” option from Drive you’ll be able to attach non-Google files directly to your Gmail message,” – announcement says. This is a welcomed feature, as you no longer would have to worry weather all of the recipients have an access to the attached file and all of them will get a copy of the file even if you delete it from Google Drive.
We already covered Microsoft Sway in one of the digests. The other day Microsoft rolled out more feature improvements for this product. This is an interesting application, but we are still curious how widely the app will be used.

New review compares two Acer’s Chromebooks: Chromebook C720 and Chromebook 13. It gives a good overview of the current state of Chromebooks – they are getting better with each new model. Also, be sure to check the best Chrome apps of 2014, which will be a great compliment for your Chromebook.

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