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Interesting this week: graphics app, Chrome Remote Desktop

Welcome to our weekly news digest! Let’s recall the most interesting tech news of the last week.

“Hello Krita” — “Goodbye Photoshop”. The ATI (Art and Technology of Image) department at University Paris 8 plans to shift from using Adobe Photoshop to Calligra Krita 2.8. The quoted reason for the switch is weak support from the Adobe and opportunity to study the code and tweak it.


We have Krita and other applications from the Calligra Suite in our apps collection, so you can easily try them for yourself.

Meanwhile, Adobe released Lightroom mobile for Android phones. If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber you will be able to work in Lightroom with exposure, highlights, shadows, composure, and so on, but for more complicated things you’ll have to go back to the Lightroom on desktop.

Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS. This feature allows you to access your computer running Chrome from your iPhone or iPad. You can download the app from Apple App Store and use the app to securely access your files or applications from another computer or give someone temporary access to your desktop so they can help you solve a problem.

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