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Tech News of the Week: Samsung ATIV Book 9, Goodbye Internet Explorer, Tech Trends of 2015

Welcome to our news digest – the first in 2015!

Naturally, this week was quiet, but the tech world never sleeps and we found some interesting news for you.

Samsung is preparing a new laptop – ATIV Book 9 – for launch in early 2015. What makes this 12.2" laptop special is that it is one of the first laptops to use the Intel Core M processor, that allows to get rid of the CPU fan. The Core M processor gives the laptop performance and battery life on par with other today’s laptops. This fanless laptop is one of the first of its bred, let’s wait and see what other manufacturers will have to offer.

Microsoft is building a new browser with codename Spartan. It’s supposed to be a speedy, simpler browser, which is based on Internet Explorer’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine.  There is no much information about the new browser yet, but it may come out as a beta in one of the Technical Previews for Microsoft’s Windows 10.

The first major event of 2015 is going to be the Consumer Electronics Show. Mashable names 5 tech trends to look for at the show this year: smart home, smarter wearebles, virtual reality, car 2.0 and others. That’s sounds amazing and exciting especially if you remember that only a few decades ago people imaged 2015 in a whole different way! :-)

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