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Archivers for Chromebooks, iPad, Kindle and Android tablets. How to extract and pack files easily

File archives are an important part of our workflows. They are convenient to download and forward. They are compact and lightweight. There is no better way put together a bunch of files and make sure that they are treated as a whole.

Every once in a while all of us have to deal with a zipped file. Unlike Windows or Mac, which have built-in functions to open and create file archives, on other platforms tools for convenient management of archives are often lacking. For example, on Chromebooks when you open .zip file it mounts like an external drive and there is no clear interface for extracting zipped files. Creating archives is even more complicated.

There are many powerful archive management applications for established desktop platforms. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box they are not available on new platforms and devices like Chromebooks and tablets. rollApp solves that problem by offering full-featured cloud version of great archive managers: PeaZip and File Roller.

Peazip and File Roller on rollApp are available on any device with a browser. Integrated with cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive for easier access to files.

PeaZip online via rollApp


Powerful and fast archive manager. Support nearly any type of archive you can imagine – over 100 different file extensions.
Click “Launch online” to get started right away.

Launch PeaZip online

File Roller online via rollApp

File Roller

Simple and robust tool for extracting files from over 40 different types of archives and creating new ZIP, RAR and other archives.
Get started now! Click “Launch online” to open File Roller right in your browser.

Launch File Roller online

Also File Roller is available at the Chrome Web Store. That’s perfect for Chromebooks. After installing the Chrome app, you can work with file archives using familiar user interface:


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