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Krita – great painting application – needs our help

Krita is a powerful digital painting program used by artists all over the world. And latest and greatest version of Krita (2.9.4) is now available on rollApp.

Launch Krita online

Krita has a lot of interesting functions like multiple brushing and blending modes, advanced symmetry and masking tools, and allows to create true digital masterpieces. Check out examples of great work done in Krita in the artwork gallery.

Here is what Dmytro Bidnyak, Senior Designer at rollApp, says about Krita: “I’m really impressed with Krita 2.9. This is very interesting solution for digital painting and sketching. It has stunning performance and a magnificent collection of brushes. I think, Krita’s digital pencil is one of the best I ever saw.” Take a look at Dmytro’s work on his site.

Krita developers have set an ambitious goal to make their software faster than Photoshop when working with big canvases with big brushes. Krita Foundation currently runs Kickstarter campaign to support further development. Let’s help make great software even better!

Stay tuned for further updates!