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Design Electronics Online

There are many great apps available online on rollApp and today we would like to tell you about gEDA. gEDA project is developing a toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production. The tools involved in the suite enable professional-quality design of schemes of low- to mid-level complexity. Using the gEDA tools, you can create PCB of up to 8 layers with an unlimited number of components and nets.

Another great tool for the creation of professional schematics is KiCad. It comes with a rich set of libraries with 3D models and allows to design printed circuit board up to 32 copper layers.

gEDA and KiCad on rollApp make it possible to work on your schemes on any device – even tablet or smartphone. It works great on Chromebooks, which makes it a great tool for students, who study electronics.

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