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Online tools for learning chemistry

We have diverse collection of the applications available on our online platform, including any apps for educations. Today we want to tell you about applications that can help you in studying chemistry.

Simple and effective gElemental is a periodic table viewer that provides detailed information on the chemical elements. It offers a broad, up-to-date data set, thematic coloring and a sortable list view.

Explore periodic table with gElemental to learn more about chemical elements

Another app is Cain: it allows to perform simulations of chemical reactions and can spawn multiple simulation processes. The reactions may have mass-action kinetic laws or arbitrary propensity functions. Once you have run a simulation to generate trajectories (possible realizations of the system) you can visualize the results by plotting the species populations or reactions counts.

Preform simulations of chemical reactions online with Cain on rollApp

Kalzium is an all-around chemistry application. Kalzium includes a Periodic Table of Elements, chemical reference, chemical equation solver, and 3D molecule viewer. With the help of rollApp you can launch it from any device online!

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