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Learn programming with rollApp

We continue to build our collection of educational apps. If you are looking for tools to help you get started with programing – we have great apps for learing programming, which you can use on any device online. Today we’ll have a closer look at BASIC-256 and KTurtle.

BASIC-256 is a great app which will help anyone to understand the basics of computer programming. BASIC-256 has a built-in graphics mode which lets you draw graphs in minutes and can also help with mathematics assignments. This would be especially interesting to middle and high-school students.

Learn basics of programming and algorithms with BASIC-256

KTurtle is a great tool for the youngest programmers that makes learning to define algorithms as easy as possible. One of the best things about KTurtle is that it allows to translate programs into plain English (or another natural language for that matter). This is one of the many ways KTurtle tries to make learning to programming more simple. Other features to aid in learning programming include intuitive syntax highlighting, simple error messages, integrated canvas to make drawings on, integrated help function, slow-motion or step execution, and more.

KTurtle – great tool for kids to learn programming

We also have powerful tools for professional developers available via the rollApp platform on any device. Check them out too!

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