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Choosing desktop applications for school

Computers are now everywhere. Yet, how useful a computer is for a given purpose is often defined by an application employed for the task. Happy choice can bring tremendous productivity gains, unfortunate choice can instead slow things down.

Choosing applications for school is no easy task. Sheer breadth of uses for computers in school prompts for a whole range of applications. From basic math and language in elementary school to geography and geometry in middle school to advanced writing and science in high school – no single application can cover all the needs of a modern classroom. So, it makes all the sense to look for a suite of applications to make school computers an effective learning and teaching tool.

Another thing with computers in schools is that applications for students have to be installed on all of them. Also, more than 3.9 million Chromebooks and more than 2.7 million iPads were shipped to schools only in the last year. This adds complexity and costs related to managing schools’ IT infrastructure. This also raises the bar for educational applications even higher: they now have to be available across wide range of computing platforms.

With all that online applications accessible via the Web are a great match schools and students:

  • online applications are instantly available without installation
  • based on Web technology online applications are usually accessible from wide range of devices and computing platforms
  • students can use the same set of applications can in the classroom and at home

Sure, online is great, but what about proven and trusted applications we use on our desktop computers? – you would ask. This is exactly where rollApp comes to help. It combines the best of both worlds by making desktop apps available online in one easy to use and manage package.

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